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Over the past two years, Covid 19 has dominated the news and the lives of people around the world. Fear and anxiety have heavily influenced our response to the pandemic, leading to inappropriate policies and interventions for our children.

Children are vulnerable and they should be protected and treated with respect. Historically, children have always been the most adversely affected in emergency and conflict situations.

The mitigation measures that have been inflicted on children in response to the virus such as masks, school closures and vaccinations may inadvertently do more harm than good. According to numerous expert opinions around the world, these mitigations are not justified, particularly as the overall risk of children becoming severely ill or dying from Covid is extremely low.

Additionally, decision-makers around the world should not be using this health crisis as a reason to deprive children of their fundamental rights.

To live in good health

The prolonged wearing of masks and the absence of sports activities have negatively affected their physical health. They are suffering the full brunt of political decisions, which are also affecting their mental health and sometimes leading to depression or suicidal thoughts from the age of 6.

To grow and flourish

Living in an anxious, masked or inquisitive entourage is a major obstacle to their development. From the first years of their life, learning delays are observed. Many measures deprive them of an environment favorable to their development.

To have the right to education

Although little evidence has been found to suggest that children or educational settings are the primary drivers of Covid transmission, schools continue to face disruption. This is exacerbated by the media consistently misrepresenting the role that schools play in spreading the virus. School closures are, more often than not, a political choice rather than a public health choice. Schools are our children’s future. Education is a fundamental right and it is our duty to provide it to our children.

To be guided, first and foremost, by their parents or guardians

The Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine has received emergency use authorisation in some parts of the world for children as young as 12. In some cases, minors have been allowed to consent to the Covid-19 vaccination without parental permission, regardless of whether it is in their best interest. This goes against the fundamental principle outlined in the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child that children are under the responsibility and guidance of their parents or guardians.

To be surrounded by those who love them

Social distancing and masks have created an environment of mistrust for our children preventing them from building on their social and emotional relationships.

To guarantee them a peaceful childhood and a better future

Children’s lives have been thrown into turmoil protecting the elderly and clinically vulnerable. They have been forced to make enormous sacrifices which have undeniably made a huge impact on them. Childhood is precious. Children need to be protected and safeguarded during this crisis, so as to maximise their future well-being and their outcomes in life.

Our children’s future depends on the choices that we make today. We must stop gambling with their future.

We urge all decisionmakers to allow children to enjoy care- and guiltfree childhoods again. Most importantly, the best interests of children should always be considered when making choices that affect them.




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